Sweet P The Entertainer’s New Album is SuperBad!

Sweet P The Entertainer is a self-taught musician. He’s a singer, songwriter, music producer, composer, arranger, dancer, studio engineer and performer! He’s currently C.E.O of his own record label “Rich Dreams Music” and he also handles all of the on/offline promotion, design, marketing & management work himself! After years of producing, writing and recording many different artist’s from all over the world he’s now focused on his career as a performing artist. In today’s music market where saturation and mediocrity is accepted Sweet P plans on changing that with his first “solo” effort. His sound is a tight universal blend of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop music with some Spanish flavor giving it a real international appeal. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince, Sweet P has worked very diligently on the new album privately in his own home studio so he could focus on quality and not quantity! With this project he plans to bring real music and entertainers back to the music industry. Well the long awaited album is finally here and it’s definitely…


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Sweet P The Entertainer “Change Today”

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